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Bridgestone M604 Rear


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The latest in motocross technology to tackle the hardest terrain.


Hard terrain performance

Developed for the highest levels of motocross competition, the M603/M604 MX series lets you unleash the full power of your machine, even on the hardest surfaces.

Superior traction

The M604 rear tyre combines outstanding side grip and rear traction with excellent gap absorption, giving riders the confidence to hit the hard pack like never before.

Adaptability and versatility

The tyres’ tuned mid-camber basin boosts tread flexibility without compromising block stiffness, resulting in outstanding adaptability to a wide variety of soil conditions.

Full powered performance

The combination of superior grip, traction and gap absorption gives you the comfort and reassurance to push your bike to the limit.

Competitive edge

Superior traction and contact feel means more line choices and more flexible performance on the track.



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