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Bridgestone Gritty ED668 Rear


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Built to endure the tough conditions of the European Enduro circuit, the ED663/ED668 combination gives you the power to take off-road riding to the next level. Approved by FIM, recommended by the world’s top riders.


Competition approved

Both front and rear tyres fall within the allowable limits and are approved by DOT and FIM for competition use.

Incredible grip

From soft to muddy to hard terrain, Enduro is all about grip, something both the ED663 and ED668 have in droves.

Real cornering power

Feel the difference of strong cornering grip in a wide range of conditions, biting into the surface without compromising on controllability.

Engineered design

The ultimate in Bridgestone Enduro technology lets you cut through sand and mud like butter for maximum performance in soft race conditions.

Superior block design

Optimised block height and distribution ensures outstanding traction and contact feel, giving you more line choices on the track.


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